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Thor 2 will land in July 2013


Thor will definitely be heading back to the big screen for a second solo outing after The Avengers .

Marvel and Disney have announced that Thor 2 has been given a release date of 26 July 2013 (for the US - no word on the UK yet).

That means that Thor 2 will take its bow just two months after Iron Man rolls out his third solo feature film, with Iron Man 3 due 3 May 2013.

Though Thor ’s early trailers generally generated shrugs around the Total Film office, the film itself surprised us with its rich storyline and well-placed humour.

The film’s now grabbed $437m in worldwide ticket sales, which justifies Marvel’s decision to turn the film into its own mini-franchise (at least at the business end).

Sadly, one of Thor ’s pivotal figures won’t return for Thor 2 – director Kenneth Branagh is only sticking around in a producing capacity. Shame.