The next Terminator film to be animated?

Terminator 3000 is the latest pitch at extending the cyborg franchise, put forward by Hannover and Red Bear Entertainment.

The two companies have announced plans for an animated Terminator, using a $70 million budget.

Canadian based Red Bear Entertainment and Hannover House, the entertainment wing of Target Development Group Inc. have envisioned a 3D animated story arc using the characters from the original films.

With the production and story details being kept quiet, the concept is still in its infancy.

However, Hannover and Red Bear will announce further plans later this year, with a view to a proposed early-2011 start.

Whatever your thoughts on Terminator Salvation , those yearning for a return to the R-rated Terminators of yore will no doubt by a little deflated by this news.

An animated Terminator has the potential to look cool, yes, but we highly doubt it will be aimed at an adult audience.

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