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Tarantino calls Hateful Eight "the funniest snow Western ever made"

Quentin Tarantino has given a brief update on The Hateful Eight, telling EW (opens in new tab) that the forthcoming film is "the funniest snow Western ever made" before dropping in a couple of cinematic reference points for fans to pore over.

“I can definitely say that as bleak as our movie is, we are definitely the funniest snow Western ever made," says QT. "This is funnier than The Great Silence, it’s funnier than Day Of The Outlaw. Oh, yeah, funnier than McCabe & Mrs. Miller.”

And while Django Unchained borrowed from the Spaghetti Western genre, Tarantino's latest will apparently owe more to small screen serials like The Virginian and Bonanza, with their weekly roster of guest stars.

“You wait the whole episode to find out, ‘Are they a good guy or are they a bad guy?’ ” says Tarantino. “So I thought, ‘What if I did a story that was made up of nothing but those characters?’ So there’s no good guys. There’s no Little Joe."

Co-starring Kurt Russell, Samuel L. Jackson, Jennifer Jason Leigh and many more, The Hateful Eight will get a limited US release on Christmas Day, before opening nationwide and in the UK on 8 January 2016.

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