Sundance Kidding...

How do you know when something has grown from being a slice of cult cool into a full blown media event? You got it… when Paris Hilton starts turning up.

The Sundance Film Festival has long been the purveyor of all things new and indie in the movie business and after its 25th year, it shows no sign of letting up on that front. However, the founder, a certain Robert Redford, is a little peeved about how much the flick-fest has grown over the last couple of years.

“To the outside world, it's a big fat market where you have people like Paris Hilton going to parties,” the Tinsletown legend stated. “She doesn't have anything to do with anything.”

Hilton has been heading up to Park City, Utah every January since 2004 despite not having anything to do with any of the movies being showcased. Several celebrities roll up simply to indulge in the snow-covered party scene that is beginning to gather pace year in, year out.

“I think the festival is close to being out of control,” a passionate Redford said.

Total Film’s own Jamie Graham, who covered the festival this year, refused to comment on the Sundance Party scene, simply stating: “There were parties? I was in bed by 9pm.” Mr Graham has since refused a polygraph.

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