Steve Carell seeks A Boyfriend For My Wife

Who remembers classic Argentine rom-com A Boyfriend For My Wife ? What’s that? None of you? For shame…

Well to be honest, it passed us by first time around as well, but apparently Warner Brothers are going to remake it, and Steve Carell has been lined up for the starring role.

According to Variety, the film tells the story of a cowardly husband struggling to summon up the courage to chuck his wife. Increasingly desperate to escape his loveless marriage, he decides to hire a professional lover-man to lead her astray.

Sounds like typical Carell fare to us, with the star likely to riff on the loveable loser shtick that made him such a star in The 40-Year-Old Virgin .

Variety reports that Carell will also be taking on producing duties, with Snow Dogs writers Mark Gibson and Phil Halprin looking after the script.

No dates have been released as yet, but with Steve’s slate already crammed with Mail-Order Groom , Get Smart 2 , Raised by Wolves and more, don’t expect to see this one in your local multiplex any time soon.

George Wales

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