Spielberg finds the afterlife

Steven Spielberg always seems to find the most intriguing projects when he journeys to the small screen. He’s been behind the likes of Band Of Brothers and alien abduction miniseries Taken.

Now, he’s heading back to the US Sci Fi Channel – which worked with him on Taken – for Nine Lives. It’s a story that explores the biggest mystery of life: what happens after you die? The drama will follow an ensemble cast of characters who are grieving over the loss of a loved one. But they all soon discover how to reunite with the recently deceased in the afterlife through near-death experiences. And, as you might expect, this brings with it certain risks – not the least of which is an unknown evil about to be unleashed on mankind.

And he’s not the only filmmaker producing a TV show. Training Day and (whisper it) King Arthur helmer Antoine Fuqua is directing and overseeing Vanished, which tracks the disappearance of a senator’s wife over the course of one season – a la 24.