Secret Cinema celebrates Lawrence Of Arabia

Secret Cinema

Secret Cinema, the brilliant alternative cinema-going event for those sick of the multiplexes, held its latest screening party this weekend with Lawrence Of Arabia .

Staged over the past weekend at Alexandra Palace, almost 15,000 attendees crammed into the Victorian palace in full Bedouin garb, helping to create the biggest Secret Cinema event yet.

Continuing their commitment to craft film-watching into an immersive party experience, Secret Cinema transformed Alexandra Palace into an Arabian wonderland.

Guests arrived and were greeted by tribal leaders, then led into the medina, where exotic sights and sounds transported them back to the bustling metropolis of Arabia.

Founder and Creative Directors Fabien Riggall, says: “Secret Cinema will continue to push the boundaries of the cinema experience. Lawrence Of Arabia is an iconic British film that embraced the epic. We dedicate this event to the British filmmakers working today to further David Lean's vision and bring back the sense of scale and risk to their craft.”

Secret Cinema assure us that they will return soon with another memorable event – and we can’t wait to see what they dream up next.

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