Seann William Scott is Big Brother

America’s Big Brothers and Sisters programme is designed to let responsible, well-adjusted adults help out less-advantaged kids and teenagers by giving them a decent role model and, oh, taking them hang gliding and stuff. We’re pretty much getting our information from the Simpsons, here.

But what if the Big Brother in question is an unscrupulous businessman forced to participate in the programme? And if he teaches his charge all the immoral secrets he’s learned about screwing other people over?

That’s the premise of Luke Greenfield’s new film Big Brother.

Seann William Scott will star as the business type who forms a twisted father/son relationship with the teen he’s supposed to be putting on the straight and narrow. But before he can get into that, he has to reunite with Danny “Dude, Where’s My Car?” Leiner for his next film, Gary The Tennis Coach. The comedy, about a caretaker who ends up coaching a team of high school students, starts shooting next month.

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