Scott Pilgrim iTrailer

Scott Pilgrim


Scott Pilgrim has unveiled its very own slick new iTrailer. And it beats Avatar ’s attempt at the concept in its stripy blue groin. Repeatedly.

Yeah yeah, there have already been roughly 900 trailers for the Pilgrim adap released online, but this really is something else.

A marvel of interactive wonderfulness, it’s introduced by director Edgar Wright, and allows you to click on various bits of the reel as it plays in order to access exclusive behind-the-scenes snippets.

Wright gives us a tour of Scott and Wallace’s “dated” apartment, while we get a look at Sex Bob-omb in action as Michael Cera and co lark about with their various instruments.

Be sure to click the name ‘Knives Chau’ when it appears in the textbox – actress Ellen Wong whisks you off for a behind the scenes tour of the set that shows off her pinboard shrine to Pilgrim, while Wright pops up to talk about her character.

There's even a cool option to contrast shot footage with Bryan Lee O'Malley's original comic book illustrations, and some insight into how the fight scenes were staged.

What are you waiting for? Check it out below…

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World opens on 25 August.

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