Rutger Hauer joins Dario Argentos Dracula 3D

dracula 3D

Dario Argento’s upcoming Dracula 3D just got an injection of cool thanks to legendary actor Rutger Hauer.

The star of upcoming Hobo With A Shotgun , as well as cinematic classics Blade Runner and Batman Begins , has apparently been cast as vampire hunter Van Helsing in the horror production.

With shooting expected to kick off in May, Hauer is the first name to join the cast. We’re sure now that gore maestro Argento’s gotten a culty name attached, he’ll find it easier to grab even more cool cast members.

Despite Argento’s more recent work failing to hit the heights of his earlier Suspiria and Deep Red , it’ll definitely be interesting to see if he can make a comeback with Dracula . If anything it should be a bloody affair.

Hauer can currently be seen in The Rite , which opens in the UK this Friday.

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