Rumour Mill: Sequel chatter

Given that Wanted is making piles and piles of dosh at the US box office (and isn’t doing badly worldwide either), it should come as no surprise that there are already rumours of a follow-up. Or two.

We’ll warn anyone who hasn’t seen the film at this point that there are spoilers in the piece (and mild spoilers start here), but according to Cinema Blend’s sources the new films could follow James McAvoy’s character as he discovers more and more unsettling information about the Fraternity and finds himself facing down more than one cell. Oh, and apparently the producers are looking at a Jason Bourne-style franchise.

Also today over at the Blend , whispers are rising that Hancock might be targeted as a likely sequel spawner, despite scathing reviews. Apparently Sony will wait to see how much it makes (Will Smith? July 4 weekend? It’s likely to be fairly successful despite its quality) but might well press ahead with a sequel. Let’s hope it doesn’t take a decade and turns out a little less messy this time, mmkay?