Rumour Mill: Ghostbusters 3. Again.

For years now, we’ve been hearing how the Ghostbusters team would be strapping their proton packs on once more to fight supernatural evil and possibly – budget permitting – take a jaunt to hell.

But while the rumour has been revived and dismissed many times, it just won’t stay down. Shortly before Comic Con, the whisper was that the panel for the new Ghostbusters video game would include a “surprise announcement” about film developments. But that effectively died out when the panel was cancelled due to lack of available talent.

Now, though, Dread Central has “sources” which are pointing to a new film which will see the Ghostbusters team handing over their gear to a new, younger squad – specifically some of the guys from The 40-Year-Old Virgin. And while we can see the link between the comedy titans Dan Aykroyd and Bull Murray and current kings Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd, we’re not convinced. But go debate on the forums all you like…

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