Rumour Mill: Bill & Ted's remade adventure?

Rumours have flitted for years about a possible reunion for Bill S Preston esq. and Ted “Theodore” Logan – better known as Wyld Stallyns in the Bill & Ted films – but now word has come that while they may return, they won’t be their old selves.

No, it looks like original stars Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter are being dumped in favour of new, younger, fresher types in a reboot that will tell the original story, but updated for the youth of today. So, funkier phone for time travel, references to today’s pop culture. Chances are they’ll be playing Rock Band instead of forming a garage band.

Nothing’s definite yet, but Moviehole has details . Oh, and Ted himself, Keanu Reeves has been talking about the vanishing possibility for he and Winter to return. Despite his recently-avowed no-sequels rule, he’d be up for trying to recapture the old magic when they’re both in their ‘50s… MTV got him on the record .