Rowling killing two characters

Potterists prepare to wave your wands in protest... the creator of the fun-size sorcerer, JK Rowling, has revealed that two Hogwarts favourites will meet their end in the seventh and final book.

Wagging chins with Richard and Judy, Rowling revealed that even she’s surprised about the turn of events as she feverishly pens Harry’s final adventure: “One character got a reprieve, but I have to say two die that I didn't intend to die.” But she refused to say whether one of the doomed was Harry himself, because: “I don't want the hate mail.”

The author said she could understand the argument for sending Harry to the big Quidditch pitch in the sky - to stop anyone else picking up the story in years to come. Further hints that the floppy-haired spell-caster might not make it to the last page came with Rowling’s admission: “I’ve never been tempted to kill him off before the finale because I've always planned seven books, and I want to finish on seven books.”

If Harry is set to snuff it, his demise won’t be seen on screen for a good few years yet. The fifth Potter flick, Order Of The Phoenix is currently in production and slated for release next year – so no need to break it to the kids just yet…

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