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Rourke plans double Tony Scott team-up

If Mickey Rourke’s post-millennium self had travelled back to the '90s and told his career wallowing past self that in just 10 short years he’d be hot property again, Past Rourke would have laughed in Millennium Rourke’s face.

But, time paradoxes aside, after a blinding streak in Sin City , The Wrestler and now Iron Man 2 , Rourke is continuing his upward crawl back into A-list territory.

And he’s set to continue that climb with Tony Scott, the action director for whom he is reportedly in talks with to star in Potzdamer Platz and Hell’s Angels .

Deadline report the news, while also confirming that Javier Bardem and Jason Statham are taking a look at Potzdamer as well. It's a crime drama about a corrupt New Jersey family who attempt to exert their power overseas.

Meanwhile, Hell’s Angels c ould see Rourke playing real-life Oakland chapter founder of the bike club Sonny Barger. The cop drama is being scripted by Scott Frank, and follows an officer who goes undercover with the motorcycle gang.

If Rourke continues to attract big names like Tony Scott, we feel sure he'll be sticking around for some time to come. Next up, he'll be seen opposite Megan Fox in Passion Play and a pick 'n' mix of action stars in Sylvester Stallone's The Expendables .

Rejoicing in Rourke's return? Or rather ruminate over the rapidly reducing rainforests?