Roth steps into King's Cell

If there’s one thing that Stephen King’s novels prove, it’s that good books don’t always make cracking movies. King’s material has been pilfered by Hollywood more than most but not always to great effect.

Fingers crossed then that Dimension Films and Eli Roth do the master of horror some justice with Cell, an adaptation of King’s latest scribbling efforts.

The tale is said to be more traditional King, harkening back to his ‘70s heyday. The story follows the events after a pulse is sent around the world through mobile phones, turning every phone user into a face-chomping zombie.

“The combination of technology and horror is fun high-concept,” Dimension bigwig Bob Weinstein said. “And Eli will make it right after he finishes Hostel 2.”

Roth wants to be involved in the scripting of the flick, which will see him re-team with his fellow Hostel producers Mike Fleiss and Chris Briggs.