Robot Man

As that US release date of July 4 2007 continues to hang over the film like, well, a tight deadline, the producers have finally started sorting out a cast to act alongside director Michael Bay’s giant robots.

Shia LaBeouf – the gawky friend from both I, Robot and Constantine – is apparently in talks for the lead, a character named Sam, described as “Geeky but ultimately heroic.”

The plot is still more closely guarded than the last remaining fragments of energon (those who didn’t need to look that reference up must surely be praying that the eventual film’s great), but the rest of the casting call offers some interesting hints:

Miguela Barns - teenage female, Sam's love interest.

Captain William Lennicks - 30s male, leader of the military.

Maggie - female, really hot, really smart, works as a code breaker for the government.

John Kellar - 50's/60's male, US Secretary of State.

Glen Whitman - 20's male, technogeek, comic relief.

We’re guessing the government gets involved (it would be a little hard to ignore the honking big robots arriving on Earth), but otherwise it’s up for grabs. But with M:I-3 screenwriters Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman on the case, it’ll hopefully work out. We’ll ignore the fact that the last time they collaborated with Michael Bay led to The Island.

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