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Robin Hood Gets a Trailer

Still trying to not imagine Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe’s re-team as Gladiator Does Nottingham ?

Try this brand spanking new Robin Hood trailer on for size.

Released mere moments after a selection of new images from the film hit the interweb (see below), the trailer finally reveals Scott and Crowe’s reimagining of the cheeky chappy who stole from the rich to give to the poor.

It shows Crowe... Wait, you know what? Just click play below...

Okay, so it doesn’t exactly put paid to those Gladiator Does Nottingham niggles, but we’re still furiously rubbing our hands together over this one (yes, because it’s freaking cold over here, but also with excitement).

Unveiling a dirty, bloodied Hood that most-definitely-isn’t-Kevin-Costner-with-a-silly-accent-and-floaty-hair, this new Scott-envisioned peek back into a hardened, weary Britain looks every bit as meaty and ethereal as the pair's previous visit to Rome.

Devoid of a chat-track, it’s got Cate Blanchett, majestic slow-mo animals, blue-haze lighting, and a glimpse at the glorious battle scenes to come. “My name is Hood,” growls Crowe.

Okay, we made that last bit up. See the new images here:

Image 1 | Image 2 | Image 3

Want Bryan Adams to score this one? Tell us your lyric ideas below...