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Rihanna will definitely not star in The Bodyguard remake

Rihanna has refuted the currently-circulating rumour that she will star in the planned remake of The Bodyguard .

The singer claimed she would "absolutely not" be starring in the role made famous by Whitney Houston in the 1992 thriller.

Speaking to OK, Rihanna said: "I hate it when singers do singing movies all the time because you can never look at them as anybody else."

"I want to play a character. My whole life is playing Rihanna, being a singer [in a film] won't be a stretch for me."

"I like challenges and being an actor is playing a role, being able to step into somebody else's shoes, that's the excitement."

She does have a point, as 'singer movies' are frequently atrocious (we all remember Glitter ...).

The Bodyguard remake currently has a tentative 2012 release pencilled in, with Jeremiah Friedman and Nick Palmer said to be working on the script.

Rihanna will make her acting debut in Peter Berg's Battleship , which is set to open on 18 May 2012.