Ready for The Lord's Day?

How about this for a pitch: the entire House Of Lords is taken hostage, and it's up to one member of parliament - who happens to conveniently be a former army man - to stop the attack?

That's the basic premise for The Lord's Day, which Sony has just picked up from Taken scribe Robert Mark Kamen and Dark Knight producer Charles Roven.

It's based on Michael Dobbs' novel (you might remember him as the creator of the House Of Cards book series, but we couldn't possibly comment) and sounds like it could either be a killer action thriller or the silliest film to hit parliament since Ali G Indahouse.

We're going to cross our fingers that it's awesome.

The story focuses on Harry Jones, MP and hard nut, who discovers that the terrorists are part of a global conspiracy deeper than anyone imagined (aren't they always?)

According to Roven, it's "high-stakes material" and could easily be the start of a franchise. "High stakes", of course, assumes any of the Lords are awake for the plan...

If they want our advice on casting, we'd pitch Jason Isaacs as Harry Jones - the man deserves the chance to play an action hero.

[Source: THR ]

Sound good? Who would you cast?

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