Raindance line-up revealed

Remember a time when film festivals were about seeing movies you couldn’t catch at your local googaplex? When you’d trudge across a London night to find a little cinema showing some obscure flick by a new director, just to quench your thirst for fresh film? Well feast your peepers on the line-up for this year's Raindance Film Festival and yelp with pleasure.

The festival opens on 27 September with twisted sci-fi tale, Brothers Of The Head, the debut feature from helmers Keith Fulton and Louis Pepe. The tale follows a ‘70s music promoter who creates a rock act from a set of conjoined twins.

Another highlight is Mark Hammond’s gangster flick, Johnny Was. Backed by a huge cast including Patrick Bergin, Roger Daltrey, Lennox Lewis, ER star Eric La Salle and Vinnie Jones, Hammond weaves a tale of drugs and violence with stark realism.

If music flicks your switch, then take your pick from documentaries on Johnny Ramone, Neil Young, Leonard Cohen, Crass and plenty more.

The jury presiding over the festival features rock legend Lou Reed, Dame Judi Dench, Bend It Like Beckham star Parminder Nagra and US cinematographer Matthew Libatique.

The festivities run from 27 September to 8 October. For more information on the films on show and any updates, click here to head to the official site.