Radcliffe is no Hairy Potter

Although it must be nice to be mistaken for Elijah Wood, it dents the ego a little when screaming fans finally catch you up only to be disappointed to find you’re just that bloke who plays Harry Potter.

The young wand-waver is always getting mixed up with the hairy footed hobbit when he steps off the plane in Australia. “So often people shout out, 'Hey Frodo!' as they think I'm Elijah - who frankly is a very good-looking guy so I take it as a compliment,” Radcliffe explains.

Still, a little case of mistaken identity doesn’t stop Danny having some fun…

“I admit when a couple of people have put autograph books under my nose I've signed them, 'Much love Elijah Wood'. It would be a bit deflating for me if I told the truth and they said, 'Don't bother signing it then'.”

Our Online Ed knows your pain Radders; she can’t nip out for a power walk without hearing “Oi Catherine, where’s Michael?” She’s getting proper sick of it. [YEAH RIGHT! - Online Ed]