Quentin Tarantino confirms he will direct The Hateful Eight

After seeing his script leaked online, and angrily putting a pause on production, Quentin Tarantino has now confirmed that work on The Hateful Eight is moving forward once more.

The news broke at a Comic-Con panel Tarantino was attending over the weekend, during which an audience member asked him straight out whether he would still be directing the film.

After a second or two of attempting to skirt the issue, Tarantino finally relented, revealing that, “yeah – we’re going to be doing The Hateful Eight .”

For anyone who missed the leaked script, the new film will follow the disparate passengers of a stagecoach and the tensions that emerge between them when their journey is diverted by a fearsome blizzard.

No word as yet on an official opening date, but it’s thought that production could begin on this one in November, ahead of a release in late 2015 / early 2016.

George Wales

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