Possible plot details for Justice League revealed

Having broken the (as yet unconfirmed) news that Justice League 's big bad will be the intergalactic baddie Darkseid , Latino Review has now revealed a few more snippets as to what we can expect from the plot of the movie.

According to the site, Will Beal is currently adapting the script from three issues of the comic-book, specifically issues 183 - 185, which were released back in 1980.

The storyline sees Darkseid devise a fiendish plot to destroy Earth (you know, just for a change) and to move his home planet Apokalips into its place. Textbook villainy, really.

It would be quite an outlandish plotline for the film to tackle, particularly given the hyper-realistic way recent DC outings have been treated. However, with Thanos making his way into The Avengers 2 , maybe this kind of thing is the new superhero trend.

We'll know more once Man Of Steel arrives, with Zack Snyder promising that film "keep them on course" for a later film . Justice League is expected to open in the UK in 2015.

George Wales

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