Peter Docter talks Up

With yet another hit under their belt in the shape of Wall-E, Pixar have already turned their beady, genius eyes to next summer and yet another odd film that everyone will consider their most offbeat step yet before it likely succeeds at the box office.

Director Peter Docter brought some clips from Up to this year’s Comic Con, and now MTV has sat him down to talk about the movie , which is creeping closer to finished status. The plot launches with 78-year-old Carl Fredricksen, a man full of regret about his life, who discovers he’s about to lose his house. Rather than accept a life in a rest home, the former balloon salesman decides to float the building away to South America. Told you it was offbeat... “That's the image of the film," Docter told the site. "It kind of defies description, because it's moving, it's emotional, it's active, but it's weirdly poetic and doesn't make a lot of logical sense. And yet it's really the cornerstone of the film."

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