Parker and Stone are back!

Go through Hollywood’s A-list and chances are, there aren’t many that Trey Parker and Matt Stone haven’t taken a cheeky swipe at once or twice.

The hugely talented duo mainly dish out their slaps through their phenomenally successful show South Park and whereas some thesps take it as an honour to be torn to shreds by the pair, others spit the dummy.

So full marks to Paramount for realising that Parker and Stone are too hot to drop. The studio have green-lit two live-action flicks for the pair to get their gums fastened around.

My All-American is the Jeff Roda-scribbled high school comedy which will shoot in the upcoming South Park break, in early 2007. This will be followed by Giant Monsters Attack Japan! which comes from the typewriter of Under Siege scribe JF Lawton.

Parker will handle megaphone duties for both flicks, while Stone holds the purse strings for their company, Important Pictures. Both Parker and Stone are set to be involved with final scripting.