Oldboy remake wants Kick-Ass director onboard


Oldboy , the violently powerful (and powerfully violent) 2003 South Korean movie, has long been the subject of remake chatter.

While Steven Spielberg and Will Smith saw their attempts to forge a remake of Chan-wook Park’s visceral tale fall apart in November 2009, it seems that Hollywood’s not going to give up that easily.

I Am Legend scripter Mark Protosevich has just handed a new draft of his screenplay over to Mandate Pictures. The studio are reportedly so excited about it that they’re hoping to reel Spielberg back in.

But if the Beard is too busy (he’s already got War Horse and Robopocalypse on his plate after all), Mandate have Kick-Ass ’ Matthew Vaughn and Danny Boyle on their wishlist as back-ups.

Though we’re hesitant to endorse a remake of a near-perfect film, if Mandate insist on remaking Oldboy then at least they could have a capable pairs of hands to steer the project away from disaster. That's if they get any of those big names, of course...

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