No Friends movie in the pipeline

They entertained us for a decade in one of the most successful sitcoms ever, but the cast of Friends have no intentions of reuniting for a big screen version, despite persistent rumours.

While speaking with The AP , Lisa Kudrow happily cleared up all the confusion, confirming that co-creators David Crane and Marta Kauffman haven’t so much as mentioned the idea of a movie.

This comes despite the box office popularity of Sex and the City: The Movie , which successfully hurled itself from the small to the big screen last May.

" Sex and the City was already filmic,” Kudrow says. “It was a single-camera show that was like a half-hour movie every week, anyway. Our show was multi-camera in front of an audience.

“Whenever movie versions of those types of shows have been done, they've been sort of satirical. Maybe in ten more years, other people will play us and make fun of it.”

Let sleeping dogs lie, say we. With constant repeats airing on a loop on E4, we feel our daily dietary Friends needs are well and truly sated.

Then again, ten more years of repeats could get pretty tiresome. Ask us again in a decade...

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