New Watchmen video diary is here

The sixth of the month has just passed, and that means a brand new video diary from the Watchmen production team.

This month’s offering takes us behind the scenes as usual, and shows the extraordinary amount of detail that has gone into the movie’s sets, costumes and props.

Prop master Jimmy Chow shows off some of the Watchmen props you may have already glimpsed in the various trailers – such as Rorschach’s grappling gun.

Complex layers

Anyone who has ever cracked the spine of the graphic novel knows that it’s a hugely layered read, and the Watchmen film team definitely appear to be cramming as much of it in as possible.

And with our man in LA having just returned from the latest screening of Watchmen footage – including a brand new scene of Rorschach investigating Edward Blake’s ransacked apartment from the start of the film – we can report that we’re now officially too excited about this one, shorter running time be damned!

[Source: Omelete – look for the button marked “Videoblog Dir de Arte"]