New Line agrees to a proposal

It’s nice to see a studio that knows how to play the game when releasing details about a new comedy pitch it has just bought. Unlike some paranoid types, New Line has been forthcoming with details about its new film – even though it doesn’t yet have an actual title.

Les Firestein is writing a comic take on Indecent Proposal, in which a billionaire meets a sexy couple and offers a fortune for one night of passion. Except in the new script, he’s asking the husband…

"My wife and I were at a dinner party with a billionaire, and when I told her she should proposition him, marry him for a year and come get me when we're financially in the clear, she asked what if he wanted me," Firestein told Variety. See, it’s all smiles and glamour when Demi Moore’s starring – but can you imagine Roger Moore in the same role? Us neither.