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Natalie Dormer says The Forest "mirrors your regrets. We all have those"

Game Of Thrones' Natalie Dormer is taking her first proper foray into the horror genre in The Forest. Out in cinemas this weekend, it follows Dormer in the role of Sara who enters Aokigahara Forest - also known as Japan's suicide forest - in search of her twin sister who has gone missing. It wouldn't be a horror movie if unpleasantness involving spirits and nastiness didn't duly ensue.

I caught up with Dormer and asked about her attraction to The Forest. When it comes to the terror that lives in the trees, she was especially attracted to the psychological nature of the terror. "The forest mirrors your own baggage, regrets, demons, monsters back at yourself," she said. "Because we all have those." It also turns out she's got a penchant for The Shining and, because she clearly has good taste, rates The Orphanage as one of her favourite modern horrors. Check out the full interview below.

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Image credit: Lava Bear Films

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