Naomi Watts considers My Name Is Jody Williams

Naomi Watts is angling for the lead in Universal’s My Name Is Jody Williams, a real-life story that The Game Plan's scribe Audrey Wells has written and will direct.

The Hollywood Reporter 's story includes the fact that Williams was an opinionated teacher working for a temp agency who decided to uproot her life and career in Washington to pursue global activism.

Nearly 15 years later, she nabbed the Nobel Peace Prize for her work on an international campaign to ban landmines.

Presidential scorn

The controversial Williams was also known for calling President Clinton a “weenie” for not signing the mine ban.

Sounds like juicy stuff for Watts to get het teeth into, but let’s hope she doesn’t end up pissing off her real-life subject. We’re sure Williams has a few other names up her sleeve.