Nailed resumes filming

Oh dear, David O Russell's new flick Nailed is starting to get the air of a cursed project.

First James Caan walked off the flick, citing 'creative differences,' then stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Biel were forced to follow suite on Friday.

This time, the walk-out had nothing to do with the correct way to eat a cookie. Instead, the situation was a touch more serious.

According to the imdb , Gyllenhaal and Biel left after producers failed to assure them that they'd get paid for their work. Read that sentence again, even newspaper delivery boys can expect three quid at the end of their shift, so we're not surprised two of the hottest young actors in Hollywood decided they probably had better things to do with their time.

According to JoBlo , the situation has now been resolved and everyone's gone back to work. But we hope you enjoyed that mini-version of the SAG strike we've all got to look forward to.

We're big fans of O Russell 'round these parts, so we're crossing our fingers that filming's completed without any further hitches.

Source: ( IMDB ) ( JoBlo )