Munich approaches finishing line

Recent reports claiming that Steven Spielberg’s Oscar-tipped terrorist drama, Munich, is running over time have been rubbished by the Beard’s people. Golden Globe ballots are due in on 10 December, and any film wanting to pick up serious awards momentum will benefit mightily from a few Globes nominations. So count on Spielberg to meet the deadline.

“There aren’t many movies like this, which start shooting around July 1 and plan to be in theatres on December 23,” says Spielberg’s spokesgob Marvin Levy. “But it will get done. Munich’s production is moving forward exactly as it should.”

With a script by Tony Kushner (Angels In America) and drawing its primary inspiration from the controversial George Jonas novel, Vengeance, Munich centres on the tragic events of the 1972 Olympic Games in Germany, when 11 Israeli athletes were kidnapped and ultimately murdered by Palestinian terrorists. The brutal slayings were followed by a years-long mission by Mossad, Israel’s Secret Service, to track down and kill the men responsible.

A tight ring of secrecy and security has been drawn around the project, which stars Eric Bana as the chief Mossad agent, alongside Geoffrey Rush and 007 elect Daniel Craig.