Michael Chiklis and Forest Whitaker on for Pawn

Two of the stars of one of the most bruising cop shows in television history are set to reunite on the big screen, with The Shield ’s Michael Chiklis and Forest Whitaker signing on to star in crime thriller Pawn .

The film will focus on a botched hostage situation, as an ex-con finds himself caught in a deadly stand-off between federal agents, local cops and mobbed-up gangsters.

Pawn will be directed by first-time helmer David A. Armstrong, and will be the debut feature from Chiklis’ production company, Extravaganza Films. Chiklis will take on production duties as well as starring on-screen.

Ray Liotta and rapper-turned-actor Common are also attached to the project, although casting specifics are few and far between at this point. Chiklis and Whitaker have just come off the back of a pair of big action roles, appearing in Jason Statham’s Parker and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s The Last Stand respectively.

Pawn is expected to arrive at some point in 2013, with filming set to begin on 1 December. With a cast this hard-bitten, expect plenty of fireworks with a grizzled one-liner or two thrown in for good measure.

George Wales

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