Meet Dr Horrible!

Ever since Total Film sat down with Harold And Kumar 2 star Neil Patrick Harris, we’ve been excited to see one of his little side projects – the internet-based musical Dr Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog.

Created by none other than Buffy/Serenity maestro Joss Whedon, it’s the story (in three 10-minute chunks) of the titular wannabe super villain (Harris) who is ever thwarted in his plans to take over the world by the dashing yet dim Captain Hammer (Serenity’s Nathan Fillion). Oh, and he’s also trying to drum up the courage to ask out the sexy girl (Felicia Day) he met at the local launderette.

Whedon and co are heavily pimping their baby, which premieres online next Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, ahead of another promotional blitz at Comic Con. Whedon is hoping that he can get the show onto both iTunes and a loaded DVD, mostly so he can, as he says, “pay the people who made it.”

MTV chatted to the cast and crew , and trust us when we say Whedon fans (and anyone who loves musicals about loser super villains with knee-trembling crushes on girls) should check this thing out.