Matthew Goode to play Bilbo Baggins?

Another day, another Hobbit casting story.

Though this one seems to have a little weight behind it.

Matthew Goode, who has been providing solid support in the past couple of years in the likes of Watchmen and A Single Man , may get a crack at a blockbuster lead, and they don't come much bigger than this.

According to an interview with The Daily Telegraph, Leap Year star Goode has had an audition with Guillermo del Toro, though he admits he's not the obvious choice: "Look at the size of me for Christ's sake!"

This is no guarantee that he's a shoo-in for the part, but it's an intriguing development nonetheless. Although he obviously hasn't been briefed on how special effects make Hobbits. They make the chairs bigger, Matthew, so you look smaller....

Source [ Collider ]

Good(e) news? Do you think Matthew deserves a shot at it? Opinions please!

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