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Marion Cotillard in line to join Assassins Creed

Assassin’s Creed looks to have found a co-star for Michael Fassbender, with Deadline (opens in new tab) reporting that Marion Cotillard has signed on to take a leading role in the videogame adaptation.

The report doesn’t contain any details as to just who Cotillard might be playing, but it does mention that her role is set to recur across numerous films, should the first instalment prove a box office success.

Cotillard and Fassbender have just completed work on another project together, having co-starred as Lady Macbeth and her doomed husband in Justin Kurzel’s version of the classic Shakespeare play.

Kurzel will also be directing Assassin’s Creed, suggesting that the trio have struck upon a fruitful creative relationship. They’ll get a little breather from each other in any case, with production on this one not set to begin until the autumn.

Assassin’s Creed will make its bow in the US on 21 December 2016, before arriving in the UK nine days later.

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