Margot Robbie stars in first Z For Zachariah trailer

The first trailer for YA adaptation Z For Zachariah has arrived online. Directed by Compliance helmer Craig Zobel, the movie lifts its inspiration from Robert C. O’Brien’s sci-fi novel conjuring up a ‘what if?’ scenario in a post-Apocalyptic America.

Margot Robbie stars as a young woman who believes she is the sole survivor of a devastating global nuclear attack. Finding isolated sanctuary in her family farm, you can imagine her surprise when she stumbles across Chiwetel Ejiofor’s radiated scientist after nearly a year alone. As their fledgling relationship takes root, Chris Pine’s scruffy stranger pops by for a visit. Will they all get along swimmingly? Take a peek at the trailer.

Judging by this brief preview, the trio of leads are what anchor this slice of sci-fi into some degree of normality. Robbie appears to be relishing a meatier dramatic role in her post-Wolf Of Wall Street career, with Pine returning to the outlier antics he previously displayed in Stretch. Could this be the sleeper hit of the summer?

Z For Zachariah opens in the US on August 21. No UK release has been officially confirmed.

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Gem Seddon

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