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Margot Robbie and Will Smith star in first Focus images

The first images have arrived online for Focus , in which Will Smith and Margot Robbie star as a pair of con artists who begin to fall for each other.

The film picks up with the pair’s relationship when Robbie is just a novice in the business. Feeling that she’s getting too close for comfort, Smith’s old hand breaks things off and thinks no more about it.

Fast forward three years, and Robbie has picked up more than a few tricks of the trade, making a sudden reappearance into Smith’s life just as he is attempting to pull off an ambitious score.

The first images don’t give too much away plot-wise, and serve more to show the two leads looking beautiful. Which, to be fair, they do very nicely indeed.

Directed by Glenn Ficara and John Requa, and co-starring Rodrigo Santoro, BD Wong and Gerald McRaney, Focus will open in the UK on 27 February 2015.

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