Kindergarten Cop 2 trailer is so gloriously bad, you have to watch it

This is not a drill: Kindergarten Cop 2 is on its way. Sadly, Arnie won't be back for this belated sorta-sequel to the 1990 comedy. The gruff law enforcement duties are passed onto former He-Man Dolph Lundgren, who goes deep undercover while teaching a class of six-year olds. As the trailer shows, the formula is tweaked slightly from the original; he's not battling drug dealers, he's battling liberals!

As toughnut Agent Reed, Lundgren is tasked with recovering a flash drive of sensitive information that's made its way into the hands of one of his students. How will he locate it? Well, that's not his only problem. His no-nonsense attitude becomes a bit of a issue as the academy he's assigned to happens to be a mecca for hipster kids and bleeding-heart teachers. None of that plot stuff really matters when you've got one of The Expendables screaming at kids.

A blast of nostalgia-drenched cheese, anyone?

Directed by Don Michael Paul, and starring Dolph Lundgren, Sarah Strange and Andre Tricoteux, Kindergarten Cop 2 is headed straight to home video in the US on May 17, with a UK release date yet to be confirmed.

Images: Universal

Gem Seddon

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