Judging George Lucas

Do you sit in a corner of your room at night, howling at the injustice wrought upon fandom by Jar Jar Binks. Or do you roam the streets, jabbering at anyone who’ll listen about how the Star Wars prequels are actually the superior trilogy because Yoda kicks arse?

If the answer to either of these questions is yes, then chances are you’ll be intrigued by the offer from the makers of a new documentary called The People Vs George Lucas.

The filmmakers are busy interviewing people on both sides of the Lucas argument, looking at all aspects of Wars-flavoured fandom. They want to hear from both aficionados and detractors and are encouraging everyone to make their own videos. So hit up their site for the full details and you might get the chance to vent on screen when the film itself arrives next year. You know, providing George doesn’t send the Star Destroyers to stop ‘em…