Joseph Gordon-Levitt signs up for Uncertainty

With a possible writers’ strike looming next year, every working actor in Hollywood with a little clout is busy signing on to as many projects as possible to keep the paycheques flowing and the town ticking.

And the policy is filtering down to even those thesps who prefer a more independent flavour in their work. Take Brick’s Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who is heading for two indie movies back-to-back.

First up is Uncertainty, which follows a young couple having to make a decision. The film splits, Sliding Doors-stylee, to show the ramifications of their various decisions. Bee Season writer/directors David Siegel and Scott McGhee have cranked out a rough script, but plan to develop it with the cast while shooting in New York.

Once he’s done with that, Gordon-Levitt will head to Intermedia’s The Frog King, described as a coming-of-age drama/comedy, about an educated writer wasting away working in a New York publishing house who must win his girlfriend back. Yeah, it sounds basic, but when you consider that the script’s being adapted by Bret Easton Ellis and Sex And The City honcho Darren Star’s directing, it should be something above the norm.

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