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Jonah Hex reshoot details

Apparently Jonah Hex ’s new August release date is mostly responsible for the film’s upcoming reshoots.

Whereas the comic book adap was all set for a June 2010 release, execs at Warner Bros now see the film as a big summer blockbuster, and want to expand its scope to fit that mould.

With that in mind, Francis Lawrence, director of I Am Legend among others, has come onboard as a consultant, mostly to give first-time live-action director Jimmy Hayward a hand in honing his feature.

Ten days of shooting have been scheduled in order to film 12 additional pages of scripting, as well as general re-shoots to fix a few of the film’s niggles.

Not necessarily a bad thing, any of this. Just the way the cookie crumbles when a studio’s agenda changes. And we still think that Josh Brolin looks hella cool in that hat. We live in hope.

Still under Hex's spell? Is it really summer blockbuster material? Give us a yell...