Jon Stewart to present the 2008 Oscars?

While his performance at the 2005 Oscars ranked among the lowest-rated in recent memory, it looks like Jon Stewart – who we thought did a great job – will be asked back by the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to host the 2008 ceremony on 24 February.

This information comes via the New York Times, which makes it a little more believable than, say, The Sun, though of course nothing is 100% official yet as neither the Academy nor Stewart’s publicist bod would comment for the Times’ story.

Still, it’s looking very good for the man who anchors the Daily Show, even though Ellen DeGeneres took the job last year and scored a higher rating. Perhaps she said no to a second year at the helm? We may never know – though if Stewart has his way, he’ll probably tell the world. And make it funny. Fingers crossed, people…