James Purefoy discusses his John Carter character

james purefoy

Other-worldly sci-fi John Carter is currently in production set for a 2012 release, and English actor James Purefoy has spoken up about his involvement in the movie.

Purefoy, who’s best known for Solomon Kane and his role as Mark Antony in TV show Rome , plays Kantos Kan, the captain of a futuristic airship.

“He's a very cheeky, mischievous soldier/airman,” Purefoy says of the character. “He's just very charming. He's not frightened of getting involved in very sticky situations with John Carter.

“There's a certain bravado about him. He's a bit Errol Flynn-esque. He has a great lust for life and he's a very positive character, in the film.”

Purefoy went on to add that John Carter is very much being set up as the first in a series of movies, with his character to get more screen time in the projected sequels.

“He's not in this film very much, in the first one,” the actor says. “I think a lot of the characters in the first John Carter are established, but with the knowledge that they're going to be bigger in the next two episodes of it.”

John Carter , previously titled John Carter Of Mars , follows the titular human, who finds himself transported to Mars and caught in the middle of a Martian battle.

John Carter opens 9 March 2012.

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