Jake Gyllenhaal is fighting for his family in first Southpaw trailer: watch now

The first trailer has appeared online for Southpaw, Antoine Fuqua’s boxing drama in which Jake Gyllenhaal’s explosive fighter attempts to win his daughter back after his life is rocked by tragedy.

The new trailer is a suitably bruising affair, with some particularly juddering fight sequences showing that Gyllenhaal’s evident gym-work has been put to good use. Not that he’s presented as some kind of superhero… the man certainly looks like he has soaked up as much punishment as he’s given out.

Take a look at the new trailer, below…

We could have done without quite so much of the plot being given away here, but boxing movies tend to follow fairly similar beats, so we guess it’s not too crucial. Most striking is Gyllenhaal’s physical transformation, with the star practically unrecognisable from his gaunt Nightcrawler look.

Directed by Fuqua and co-starring 50 Cent, Forrest Whitaker and Rachel McAdams, Southpaw will open in the UK and US on 31 July 2015.

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