Is James Purefoy The Saint?

Can you rescue a character from the clutches of Val Kilmer? Well, Chris Nolan managed to drag Batman back, back so perhaps there’s hope for The Saint.

According to the official site of Leslie Charteris – the original creator of The Saint – a new series based on Simon Templar is planned. For those who haven’t seen either the Roger Moore TV show or the Val Kilmer film, the character is a charming gentleman thief who lives the high life while getting away with big crimes. “We can confirm that pre-production has started on a two-hour pilot film for a new series of The Saint. It will star James Purefoy as the Saint and will shoot in Berlin and Australia in April next year,” blabbed a posting, which Dark Horizons dug up.

Purefoy is already signed up to play Solomon Kane in a movie, so whether he’ll actually have time for this is anyone’s guess. And we’re going to consider this one living in Rumour Central until it’s confirmed…