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Iron Man 3 will be directed by Shane Black

iron man

Shane Black has been confirmed as the director for Iron Man 3.

Just last week there was word that the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang helmer had been taking meetings with Marvel regarding scripting the threequel.

Now it has been confirmed that he will direct Robert Downey Jr. in the film. That scriptwriting news may have been a little off, though, with a source telling Deadline : “That’s not figured out.”

Obviously, Marvel would be daft not to let Black have a pass at the script, considering he’s proved he can handle multi-layered plots with a side of snappy dialogue.

It’s understandable that the studio is being cautious, though - there’ll be a lot going on in Iron Man 3 , seeing as it will have to deal with the fall-out of The Avengers and whatever hell that plotline wreaks.

Still, Shane Black directing Iron Man 3 – a great way to end the week.