Hugh Laurie to play RoboCop villain?

RoboCop could be about to add another big name to its already impressive ensemble, with the news that Hugh Laurie is reportedly in talks with MGM over potentially becoming the villain of the piece.

Laurie is apparently in the frame to play the mega-rich CEO of OmniCorp, the organisation responsible for transforming deceased copper Alex Murphy into the cyborg law-enforcer, RoboCop.

The role sounds as though it will be an equivalent to the character played by Ronny Cox in Paul Verhoeven’s original film, although they are unlikely to be exact counterparts.

Whether or not the characters turn out to be similar or not, we’re very keen on the idea of Laurie taking on a villainous role. His work on House has shown him to boast bags of on-screen charisma, and it’s high time he found himself the big-screen role to show it off.

If he does sign on the dotted line, he’ll be joining a cast that currently includes Joel Kinnaman, Gary Oldman, Samuel L. Jackson and Abbie Cornish. We’re beginning to get pretty excited about this one, with a UK release date currently slated for 9 August 2013.

George Wales

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